Baby Orangutan

Orangutans only have one baby at a time, which clings to its mothers stomach until it is about a year old Orangutan babies look so cute and behave very like human children. Orangutan hands are very much like ours, their fingers and toes are curved, allowing them to get a better grip on branches. Their feet have four long toes and an opposable big toe. There are two species of orangutans: Sumatran, Pongo abelii,  Sumatran and Borean, Pongo pygmaeus. Orangutans are solitary creatures except for the 6 or so years a mother has a baby.In the wild, they may live up to 45 years or more. In their true habitat, male orangutans live alone and females live alone or with their infants. Adult male orangutans are intolerant of each other, and the encounter between two flanged adult males usually results in either aggression or avoidance.




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